Turn anonymous website visitors and visitor tracking into qualified sales leads. Our Website Visitor Identification software goes beyond the basics of website visitor tracking, providing actionable data about those otherwise anonymous website visitors.

Current statistics show that only about 2% of website visitors will fill out any form to identify themselves.  This leaves 98% of your website visitors unidentified, or anonymous.

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 As businesses work to increase their online business presence, finding new ways to reach out to potential customers can be more and more difficult.  Anonymous Visitor Identification and Website Visitor Tracking with 4 Corners Creative, goes beyond the basics of tracking the visitors who come to your website.  We identify the anonymous visitor, track the pages that they are visiting, the time they are spending on each page, and then we combine all of that data with any previous visits.  This sales tool provides your business with a clear picture of the visitor’s interest level, any products or services that they are interested in, their browsing patterns, and more.

Learn more about website visitor tracking and anonymous visitor identification from below.

What our software will tell you…

  • Who is on your website.
  • What products or services they are interested in.
  • Where they are from.
  • When they visited.
  • Email you while they are visiting your site.
  • and provide you with a way to send that information directly to your supported CRM.

Wouldn’t you like to Identify ANYONE?

  • Integrate your account with your current Email Marketing product
  • Track the click-throughs of current mailing/newsletters subscribers not only from the mailing, but during future visits as well!
  • Don’t do mailings, but would like to take advantage of this feature?  You can use the email tracking script within one on one emails as well.
  • Manage this feature from the comfort of your dashboard.

Website Analytics

Our analytics package tracks the following information about your visitors to help you maintain a marketing advantage in the areas that will be the most benefit to your company.

  • Unique visitors by location.
  • Unique visitor by device broken down by browser family.
  • User engagement – First time visitors, Return visitors, Bounce Rate.
  • Visitor referrer – Direct vs Referral, Sources, and Keywords.
  • Entry page statistics.
  • Exit page statistics.


4 Corners Creative’s Website Visitor Tracking software offers many different reporting options to fit the needs of our customers, from automated Daily and Weekly reports, to criteria based reports customized to fit your specific needs.


Other Awesome Features

Identify ANYONE A  4 Corners Creative  Email  Campaign  Feature  

What is email campaign feature and how is it different from other products?

Visual Visitor can now be integrated with your current email campaign strategy! This new feature allows you to track email addresses that come to your site through your email blasts. All you have to do is to add the code we create (similar to the code you added to your website) to the links in your email campaign. This code tracks the visitor and will include their email address in our real time alerts. You can also tag the visitor to change the way that they are showing up in the Dashboard and update any of their company and contact information.

With this email campaign feature, Visual Visitor is going beyond just identifying companies – we are also identifying consumers. It does not matter if your visitor is an individual consumer or a company employee if they are coming in through one of your Identify ANYONE email blasts!

4 Corners Creative’s Identify ANYONE feature is different from other services in that it will allow you to track the visits from this user – always. We do not require that the visitor keeps coming to your site through that email/newsletter in order to track them. Just like with our business prospect alerts, we will report to you all visits from this user: their current page views, previous page views by visit, summary of previous page views, and the summary of keywords used.



  • Works with any email marketing tool
  • Use with your company/customer newsletter
  • Tracks all visitors that you have email addresses for
  • Continues to track those visitors even when they are no longer using the email/newsletter link!
  • Be alerted by the prospect’s email address

• No increase in price!

Set Up MailChimp with Identify ANYONE

In this section we will cover setting up an email campaign with MailChimp using the script created by the platform. Remember, this powerful tool is a part of your monthly plan! If you do any email marketing, or even if you are looking to more closely follow the traffic from a single user, this is a very powerful tool.

Email Marketing and/or sending out Newsletters is a wonderful marketing tool for small businesses, but lately a lot of businesses have looked more toward social media to do their marketing. This can be a huge missed opportunity! Here are 5 ways that a small business can benefit from an email marketing strategy:

  1. Maybe one of the biggest advantages of email marketing is that it allows you to connect with your customer directly. An innovative and “smart” campaign can grab the attention of your target customer.
  2. Email Marketing is a very low cost tool.
  3. Prompt sales from new customers, encourage repeat purchases and increase sales conversion.
  4. Increase company awareness, keep your company name fresh in your customers minds and drive targeted traffic to your site!
  5. Fast delivery that will allow you to reach customers quickly with offers and information.

But the most important benefit is the trackable, measurable results from your campaigns. Sure the campaign services online can tell you who clicks through your email and where they go, etc. But what they can’t do, is where our platform steps in. We tell you where they went that first visit when they click through your email, but we then tell you when they come back! Let’s get started and you can see the power of our Identify ANYONE feature first hand…