Turn anonymous website visitors and visitor tracking into qualified sales leads. Our Website Visitor Identification software goes beyond the basics of website visitor tracking, providing actionable data about those otherwise anonymous website visitors.

Current statistics show that only about 2% of website visitors will fill out any form to identify themselves.  This leaves 98% of your website visitors unidentified, or anonymous.

As businesses work to increase their online business presence, finding new ways to reach out to potential customers can be more and more difficult.  Anonymous Visitor Identification and Website Visitor Tracking with 4 Corners Creative, goes beyond the basics of tracking the visitors who come to your website.  We identify the anonymous visitor, track the pages that they are visiting, the time they are spending on each page, and then we combine all of that data with any previous visits.  This sales tool provides your business with a clear picture of the visitor’s interest level, any products or services that they are interested in, their browsing patterns, and more.