Third party cookies are coming to an end!

The end of cookies has long been rumored in the marketing industry. Third-party cookies, used by advertisers to understand users’ digital behavior across websites and devices, have already been turned off by Firefox and Safari. Google has announced that it will ban third-party cookies beginning in 2022.

So why are third-party cookies going away?

Consumers and privacy advocates have grown increasingly troubled by the ways that some companies are using third-party cookies for user tracking without transparency or explicit consent. In particular, the advent of retargeting—the ability for advertisers to send targeted ads that show you an item that you previously looked at on the advertiser’s website—has made this kind of tracking more visible and has frustrated many users.

What should brands do to adjust to the “cookieless” reality?

First, there’s no reason to panic. In fact, we see this as a huge opportunity for smart brands to deepen their relationships with customers.

Our research on emotion-driven engagement shows that consumers generally welcome contextually sensitive, coherent brand experiences. In order to create those experiences in a privacy-sensitive way, we recommend that brands should focus on mastering the first-party customer data that they already own.

At 4 Corners Creative, we’ve already been preparing by adapting our products and services to help clients through these changes and developing new offerings to stay ahead of the transition and ensure the continued success of our clients.

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