How to Optimize Your Facebook Advertising Strategy for 2018!

When it comes to Facebook advertising, the hype is real.

The numbers don’t lie in regard to Facebook’s marketing firepower. With 93% of marketers already on board, the platform’s diverse and laser-targeted ad platform is paying dividends for those with a mapped-out Facebook advertising strategy.

Whether you’re curious about the buzz surrounding Facebook ads or are looking to fine-tune your current social media advertising campaigns, 2018 is poised to be a major milestone for the world’s largest social network.

That said, succeeding with Facebook advertising isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. From targeting specific users to finding the right ad format, there are tons of variables that can make or break your campaigns.

That’s why we’ve outlined the essential steps to an optimized Facebook advertising strategy in 2018. This guide will not only cover best practices for how to poise your campaigns for more clicks, but also how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls for Facebook ads.

Here are four tips to optimize your Facebook advertising strategy:

Choose the Right Target Audience

Let’s start with a reality check. Your Facebook ads are only as effective as how well you can define your audience.

Facebook allows you to define your target audience based on specific demographics
And sure, you probably think that you know your target audience pretty well, right? Their wants, desires, pain points and what makes them tick.

But harnessing the power of Facebook’s ad platform comes down to your audience’s demographics. Data points such as age, location, job roles and interests are paramount to making sure you’re reaching the right prospects.

For example, according to one of Facebook’s own client case studies, ad targeting resulted in 3 times higher ROI alongside a respective CTR and significantly lower cost-per-action. Those numbers are nothing to scoff at.

How to Define an Audience on Facebook
Think of defining your audience as square one. How you define your audience ultimately lays the groundwork for how your ad will perform.

Thankfully, Facebook helps brands see how broad or narrow their targeting is and what they can do to improve their ad performance. When creating a Facebook ad, regardless of ad type or goals, marketers have the opportunity to fill in their audience’s details based on who you’re trying to reach.

The more you drill down your details, the more likely your ad is to resonate with users. Whether you’re trying to find marketers in Chicago or foodies in Los Angeles, you ultimately decide who’s going to potentially see your ad.

Facebook provides their own barometer to let you know whether your audience might be too broad or specific.

Test Different Facebook Ad Types

What separates Facebook from other ad platforms is its variety. The freedom brands have in terms of customization provides seemingly endless possibilities for creative, compelling ads.

Additionally, just about any given goal for your Facebook advertising strategy is fair game.

Looking to drive app downloads? Check.
Need to show off products and offers? Check.
Want to advertise your latest webinar or case study? Check.
And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s possible via Facebook advertising. Below are five of the most popular types of Facebook ads for brands:


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