Project Description

ILA graphics is a brand I developed for my senior degree project. The idea is that it is an online presence where anyone can sign up and create their own custom surfboard graphics through a design interface. Users can upload custom artwork and pair with the brand elements to create their graphic. It also features a contest section where they can upload their designs to get votes, in which the top voted designs win prize money and get their graphic distributed around the world.
  1. Main Screen of Website
  2. First design step. Users can choose what shape of board they are designing for.
  3. Second Step. Users can specify what size of that shape. They can also change the color of the board with the sliders.
  4. Third Step. This is where the users can upload their own artwork and pair with the ILA brand elements to create their graphic. Users can move elements, scale, and rotate to fully customize.
  5. Once users design gets the top votes, he/she gets their design on the main page of the contest section where other users can buy graphic.