About the “Ask Tyrone Show”

We would like to first thank Mr. Lee Pitts for executive producing The “Ask Tyrone Show”.  We are forever grateful and humbled to be given this opportunity and platform.

What is the “Ask Tyrone Show” and why does it exist? The Asked Tyrone Show births from heart and mind of it’s host, Tyrone Belford, Jr. Mr. Belford has over 20 years of marking and business development experience, 12 of those years being spent in the digital and online marketing arena.

Mr. Belford has held executive positions for several successful companies, to include 3 different marketing agencies.  His last position as an employee was with Priority Marketing in Ft Myers Florida, where he served as the Director of Digital Services. In 2016 Tyrone Belford Jr. launch his own digital marketing agency, 4 Corners Creative.

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“I am exited to have this opportunity help small business owners pursue and  achieve their goals.  Each day of my life, my dreams and aspirations are connected to unique people that have unique challenges in front of them.  Some of them have been in business for a while, but have hit that glass ceiling or they have simply reached the capacity of their own understanding. Other’s are just in the infancy stages of building their brand and their legacy. I feel so fortunate that my success as a brand, company and citizen is directly connected to how many people I help build their business and find financial success. My work is my ministry. The Ask Tyrone Show is just another tool that I am now able to use to help more people become successful entrepreneurs. A tool that I won’t take for granted. Let’s all believe together!” – Tyrone Belford Jr.

1st Episode of the “Ask Tyrone Show”

Ty Belford Interview, By Lee Pitts

Client Testimonial, Marcus Murray

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Through my years of evolving as a business professional and marketer, I have fond that every measurable elevation in my journey was somehow connected to a mentor. However, it was not until recent years that I was blessed enough to have a real living and breathing mentor that I had a person relationship with.  Below you will find the 3 books that mentored me to become much of the man and businessman that I am today.  I encourage everyone to ready and study these 3 books.


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