Ty Belford
Ty BelfordFounder/Designer/Developer
Web designer/developer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Marketing Strategy Consultant
Pamela Michelle
Pamela Michelle Administrative Assistants
Communication Liaison, Planner, Organizer, Budget Management, Event Planning

About 4corners creative


4 Corners Creative Solutions is comprised of a distinguished community of marketing professionals, each possessing their own unique list of extraordinary gifts and talents. With our main office conveniently located in Fort Myers, FL, we are supporting clients throughout South Florida with a special concentration in both Lee and Collier counties.  The company name “4 Corners” is symbolic, not only defining what we do, but also defining how we do it and who we are.

What do we do? 4 Corners Creative Solutions’ core service areas revolve around 4 main categories, #1 Web Design, #2Graphic Design, #3Online Marketing and #4 Multimedia.

How do we do it? To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, we faithfully follow a proven 4 step process with every client project, regardless of how small or large that project is.

Discovery Phase


Planning Phase


Production Phase


Quality Check Phase



  • Step 1 – Discovery: During the discovery phase we take the time to ask all the right questions to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of our client’s objectives, pain points and unexploited opportunities. This process may vary depending on the size and scope of the project, but we are perfecting this process so well  it just about guarantees a successful project completion.

  • Step 2 – Planning: During the planning phase the input received from you during the discovery phase is put into perspective by creating compositions and plans that will foreshadow your end goal. This may be done by creating an initial wireframes, building mood boards, creating concept sketches and/or observing comparable completed projects. This stage is also marked with creating timelines, checklists, and deadlines for your project. Client involvement is critical in this stage, as it sets the tone and vision for the entire project that will be created. If applicable, we also gather or create any content, documents, imagery, logos or media that we will be using in the creation of your project.
  • Step 3 – Production: The production phase is the stage in which all of the pieces are placed together to create the custom solution(s) that you envisioned.
  • Step 4 – Quality Check: This is the phase in which the project is thoroughly examined. The examination process may include debugging, browser testing, sound checks, color correction, spell checking and more, to ensure that the product is of the utmost quality and value to you. Once we have completed this internal quality check, you will be able to see the complete finished product. If the product we created meets or exceeds your expectations, we can commence Sign-Off. And of course we will always be here to support you even after the project has ended.

Who is 4 Corners Creative Solutions?

This is what makes us most different and may be the biggest reason why you should want to partner with us on your next creative project. Because our team of developers, designers, photographers, artists and strategists is almost entirely made up of freelancers, you are only paying for the time and personnel resources that are directly involved in your project. How is this a win – win from everyone?

  1. One point of contact: You will be assigned a project manager that will be here to support you from start to finish.
  2. We attract the best talent: Our Outside-the-box entrepreneurial business model affords our team members with the opportunity to make more money than they would as an employee. There is no big corporation to feed, no bureaucratic waste and very little overhead. It also offers them the security, structure and support that is impossible to achieve as a stand-alone freelancer.
  3. Integrated Marketing Strategy: We very much dislike the term one-stop-shop, mostly because it’s just a little too cliché. However, we are very comfortable being described as the Swiss Army Knife of creative solutions. Our creative campaigns are powerful and will have a momentous impact on your brand awareness.
  4. Accountability: It is our concrete belief that all of our team members are happy and content with the opportunities that our network provides. However, not all of the team members at 4 Corners Creative Solutions are freelancers, to include its founder, a disabled Marine Combat Photographer/Graphic Artist. There is strength in numbers and we are a community that will always be here for you. Semper Fidelis/Always Faithful