Star America

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NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON! Star America is a production, promotion and management company based in Naples, FL. We are building this website to support there proprietary platform create to support inspiring artist and performers. This is one of 2 websites that we are contracted to build for this company. We have also provide [...]

SB Surfboards


For theĀ time that I was with the company, I had the creative freedomĀ for the Spring 2011 Board Catalog. I wanted to create something that was fresh, but kept the brand aesthetic that they have created. Since the shaper (Steve Boysen) is a craftsman, I wanted to evoke the feeling of craftsmanship through color and image. [...]

Germain Auto Images



The Germain Automotive Group family name is synonymously known across the country and is consistently recognized as the name you should trust the most. So come see us for your new tires, custom wheels, window tint, suspension work, exhaust systems and even if you just need to get your vehicle detailed. We are here [...]